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Electric and petrol chainsaws are integral assistants in the repair, production, and maintenance of outdoor areas. The equipment has a complex mechanism, and so the safety of working is one of the critical operating constraints. Chainsaw repairs, parts, and servicing from Antson Engines Ltd is your #1 choice if you want to keep your chainsaw(s) in top condition. We refresh your equipment and perform professional maintenance, regardless of the manufacturer, model, and equipment release date. You will find here the best chainsaw repairs specialists in London and the surrounding areas!

#1 Chainsaw Repairs and Servicing in the UK 


Husqvarna, Shindaiwa, Stihl, and Echo chainsaws are perfectly balanced and made from high-quality materials. The equipment with proper care and observance of the operating rules from the guidance serves and does not create troubles for the owners for a long time. However, increased loads, many physical and mechanical factors can affect equipment performance. Therefore, timely chainsaw repairs are in demand. 


A faulty chainsaw can pose serious risks both to you personally, as well as your family and staff. It is as clear as day that if you own such a  powerful instrument, you always make sure it functions the way it should. Therefore, if you are not experienced in chainsaw repair or need parts from a reputable supplier, Antson Engines LTD is the best choice. First, with us, you can be sure of the safety of your equipment. Secondly, you can find here not only the help of certified technicians but also the affordable prices for chainsaw parts UK. If performed regularly, chainsaw servicing is the best way to optimise your expenses in the long run. So, keep your chainsaw serviced and sharp all year long with Antson Engines!

Collection and Delivery

Chainsaw Maintenance Services from Antson Engines


Most of the chainsaw malfunctions are a part of regular maintenance, so that you can do it yourself or with a specialist who will help fix the breakdown timely. However, not every type of local chainsaw repair can be performed without a technician. Chainsaw maintenance is also necessary if you notice some of the following problems:


  • instrument stalls during operation;
  • difficulties in starting the engine;
  • extraneous noises or smoke after start-up;
  • oil/fuel mixture is leaking;
  • the generator is running, but the chain does not spin;
  • power is decreasing;
  • equipment overheats.


The causes of such difficulties are varied, starting from clogged filters and carburettor breakdowns, ending with the wear of individual chainsaw parts. In any case, we guarantee that Antson Engines experts can find the problem and perform chainsaw repairs quickly.


Professional Chainsaw Repair Service UK


Antson Engines carries out chainsaw repairs in several stages: 


  • comprehensive diagnostics using modern equipment according to the manufacturer’s technology;
  • coordination of cost and terms of work with the customer;
  • replacement of damaged parts;
  • reassembly and testing;
  • providing advice on further operation.


Moreover, regular servicing can prolong the life of your chainsaw engine and blade and ensure the equipment gives optimum cutting performance safely and efficiently. Our highly trained technicians carry out chainsaw maintenance and repair either as a one-off or as part of an ongoing service contract. Besides, we can supply you with all the necessary chainsaw parts UK from the manufacturer, being the official representatives of the most in-demand brands.

Comprehensive Chainsaw Repairs

Chainsaws, like any professional equipment, need prevention, repair, and replacement of parts. All chainsaws have an identical mechanism structure, regardless of the manufacturer and model — the fuel tank and engine inside the case; starter, grip, and blade outside. However, this equipment often needs to be disassembled in the case of equipment malfunctions.


Most of the problems are related either to interruptions in the engine (fuel supply system, exhaust system, ignition, power part) or to malfunctions of other systems (clutch, chain brake, tire, lubrication system). In any case, Antson Engines offers a complete set of services for chainsaw repairs:

Servicing from £75 + parts + VAT

Chainsaw Parts from Antson Engines Ltd


A chainsaw is a simple-to-use tool, requiring only periodic movement lubricate and replacement of worn elements. Therefore, owners should always have in stock a particular set of parts to deal with heating and the ingress of natural particles into the internal components of the mechanisms. Antson Engines Ltd offers a vast number of original kits for all types of equipment. We propose a wide range of quality and reliable chainsaw parts available for purchase. 


Ignition elements, silencers, shock absorbers, starters are in high demand. Therefore, our experts offer original chainsaw parts and affordable analogues. We will help you to select the best parts after the accurate determination of the mechanism malfunction. Here are some common breakdowns and their causes:


  • Starter damage. It usually occurs due to a cord break (the chainsaw does not start) and spring damage (the starter does not return to its initial position). We offer individual chainsaw parts for eliminating the defect and a complete mechanism replacement.
  • Problems with spark plugs. Usually, it occurs due to an oil leak, so we suggest either cleaning the part or installing a new spare part.
  • The engine stalls or does not start. It occurs due to air deficiency resulting from the carburettor damages or a clogged air filter. We will help you to adjust the mechanism or replace broken chainsaw parts. 


In any case, contact our consultants to choose the right accessories in the chainsaw repair shop. Antson Engines will help you find suitable parts for chainsaw servicing from a wide range of available items.

Benefits of Antson Engines Chainsaw Repair Shop


  • Vast expertise in chainsaw repairs with electric and petrol engines;
  • The ability to pinpoint the cause of a breakdown through careful analysis and diagnosis;
  • Guaranteed availability of the necessary chainsaw parts UK, reducing the cost and repair time;
  • Service warranty, further consultation on maintenance and adjustment;
  • Quality control of work at all stages of repair.


Antson Engines is not only a reliable chainsaw retailer in London. It is also a one-stop chainsaw repair shop with competitive and transparent pricing for buying, repairing, and servicing. We have experience in dealing with a wide range of chainsaws as well as chainsaw parts in the UK. Our fully trained technicians know how to avoid unnecessary expenses. We have established an excellent reputation for chainsaw servicing and always try to live up to your expectations. No wonder, our engineers know chainsaws inside and out and are ready to help you fix any make or model quickly.


For years, we have been teaching our staff to repair chainsaws, and they continue to receive the necessary knowledge and skills and improve their qualifications through regular training. In this way, Antson Engines can guarantee the competence of chainsaw service. Specialised equipment repair and affordable professional tools ensure high quality and minimal time spent on chainsaw repairs.


Common Chainsaw Brands Covered & More

We make all chainsaw repairs according to the manufacturer's instructions, using only professional tools. Antson Engines is an official dealer and a reliable partner, providing customers with timely service and expert advice. You can contact us for help, reliable chainsaw servicing, and quality spare parts for equipment at affordable prices.

Echo, Efco, Husqvarna, Jonsered, Makita, Shindaiwa, Stihl, Tanaka And More.

Some Of The Areas Covered...


Professional equipment has excellent performance even when working with maximum loads in extreme conditions. Nevertheless, if you encounter any problem, you can always contact Antson Engines. You do not need to waste time looking for a local service centre as Antson Engines workshops are available for you in multiple UK areas:


Brent Cross



















Iver Heath

Kensal Green



Mill Hill

Muswell Hill



Notting Hill


Park Royal



Sheperd’s Bush






Willesden Green

and much more...

Antson Engines also provides fast delivery of chainsaw parts. Therefore, you can be sure that your equipment will be restored in the shortest terms.

Not found your location in the list above? Feel free to call our consultants. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!


We always provide the highest quality of service and save your time. Therefore, we ask you to find out the exact chainsaw model in advance.

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