Chainsaw Repairs, Parts, and Servicing in London

Chainsaw repairs, parts, and servicing from Antson Engines LTD is your #1 choice if you want to keep your chainsaw(s) in top condition. We know how to make your chainsaw work again - and fast!

Chainsaw Repairs and Servicing in the UK

There are two critical reasons to consider chainsaw repairs from Antson Engines LTD. The first reason is safety. A faulty chainsaw can pose serious risks both to you personally, as well as your family and staff. It is as clear as day that if you own such a  powerful instrument, you always make sure it functions the way it should.

The second reason is the expenses. If performed regularly, chainsaw servicing is the best way to optimize your expenses in the long run. The prices for chainsaws and chainsaw parts in the UK are not that low to neglect them. So, keep your chainsaw serviced and sharp all year long with Antson Engines LTD!

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Chainsaw Maintenance Services

It goes without saying that regular servicing can prolong the life of your Chainsaw engine and Chainsaw blade and ensure it gives optimum cutting performance safely and effiently. Our highly trained technicians carry out Chainsaw servicing either as a one off or as part of an ongoing service contract.

What is included in the service we provide for Chainsaw Machinery:


 Strip Down and Clean

 De-carbonise, vacuum and pressure test cylinder

 Ultrasonic clean carburettor

 Service recoil mechanism

 Check and lubricate all cables levers and linkages

 Check and re-grease all gearboxes and drive systems

 Check over and clean all ignition units

 Sharpen any blades that are fitted

 Check function of all controls

 Polish and clean machine

Servicing from £75 + parts + VAT

Chainsaw Parts UK


Our fully equipped chainsaw repair shop can handle virtually any make of chainsaw. Feel free to challenge us with any model produced within the last century. With our years of experience in chainsaw repairs, you get to enjoy 99.9% chances that your chainsaw will work again within the shortest terms!


The team at Antson Engines Ltd consists of manufacturer trained staff. Our engineers and managers have first-hand experience in every single aspect related to chainsaw servicing and parts. Antson Engines Ltd in London has been in the industry for over a decade, so we know how top chainsaw servicing is done!

Benefits of Antson Engines Chainsaw Repair Shop


 Competitive and transparent pricing for buying, repairing and servicing. Antson Engines is not only a reliable chainsaw retailer in London. It is also a one-stop chainsaw repair shop. We have experience in dealing with a wide range of chainsaws as well as chainsaw parts in the UK. So, our team knows how to avoid unnecessary expenses.


 Fully trained technicians. For years, we have been training our staff to repair chainsaws. No wonder, now, our engineers know chainsaws inside and out and are ready to help you fix any make or model quickly. We have established an excellent reputation for chainsaw servicing and always try to live up to your expectations. 


Common Chainsaw Brands Covered & More


Echo, Efco, Husqvarna, Jonsered, Makita, Shindaiwa Stihl, Tanaka And More.