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#1 Local Lawn Mower Repair Service in London

Do you have any issues with your lawn mower? Don't worry because Antson Engines is probably the last repair your lawn mower will ever get! Our professional team specialises in lawn mower service and repair for various types of garden equipment from Stiga, Cobra, Viking, Mountfield, Honda, Vermeer, and other manufactures. Check out the full list of common brands covered or request a service quote for further details. Choose high-quality services for major and minor lawn mower repairs in Wembley, London, and surrounding areas!

Prompt and Reliable Lawn Mower Repair Service


A well-groomed lawn is a natural decoration that is always in trend. However, it requires regular care that can be challenging without reliable equipment. Therefore, the lawn mower is an important acquisition that simplifies the life of homeowners. Antson Engines knows everything about lawnmower breakdown reasons! Choosing us, you can forget about complicated and time-consuming repairs and service of your lawn mowing equipment! By contacting our experts, you always receive a high-quality lawn mower repair service on time!


Beyond that, we sell and supply lawn mower parts for every possible make and model on the market. Feel free to browse through our collection of lawn mowers in Antson Engines Ltd online shop. Choosing your perfect match among hand-propelled, self-drive, and ride-on lawn mowers is easy! You can also seek advice and get help according to the nuances and features of your particular lawn mowing equipment.

Collection and Delivery

When to Plan Lawn Mower Repair?

Planning regular garden equipment repairs is vital for your equipment. The recommended minimum is once a year. It is enough to keep all lawn mower parts in good shape. However, lawn mower repair and service get even more critical just before the cutting season. It is much easier to prevent a possible breakdown and update the technical condition of the equipment. Please, pay attention to the following points that are the reasons for contacting our lawn mower repair service:

 extraneous noises during the lawnmower operation (rattling, whistling, rumble);

 failed attempts to restart the engine when it stops immediately after the start;

 strong vibrations;

 the engine of your lawnmower does not work at full power;

 a noticeable decrease in the accuracy and evenness of grass cutting; 

 wheel drive dysfunctions that obstruct equipment movement.

If you find similar malfunctions, do not delay with petrol lawn mower repair! After all, a timely intervention will save your resources and help to avoid more severe problems. The examination and repairs are also necessary in case your lawn mower hasn’t been used for a while.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Services

The lawn mower repair service and maintenance are a set of measures aimed at restoring or maintaining the equipment's top condition. Different parts and systems are subject to wear to varying degrees. The complexity of troubleshooting varies from simple repair operations to complex procedures, requiring specific rules that professionals should adhere to. Although garden machine malfunctioning can occur due to diverse factors, Antson Engines performs a full range of the best lawn mower repair services. 


We provide repairs based on the results of diagnostics and compliance with the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer. Besides, we coordinate with you the work plan, all the estimates, and cost in advance. After the repairs, we return the fixed equipment and all the dismantled parts. With Antson Engines, you get a comprehensive repair and structural parts replacement. The basic kit includes the following types of mobile lawn mower repair and season maintenance:


 Strip down and steam clean machine;

 Grind and reset valves;

 De-carbonise engine;

 Ultrasonic clean carburettor;

 Service recoil mechanism;

 Check and lubricate all cables levers, linkages and chains;

 Check over the gearbox and drive system;

 Check over and clean all ignition units;

 Change oil;

 Blade balancing & sharpening;

 Check and oil all wheel and roller bearings;

 Check the function of all controls;

 Polish and clean machine.

Hand Propelled Lawnmowers

These lawnmowers are versatile and the easiest in use. They are perfectly suitable for backyard areas and domestic needs. Hand propelled equipment is indispensable for inaccessible places and challenging terrain and copes with bushes & trees with a small trunk diameter. Common problems with these lawnmowers are the blunting of cutting elements, engine breakdowns, and air filter contamination.

Servicing £80 + parts + VAT

Self Propelled Lawnmowers

Such garden machinery is more convenient for end-users as it minimises the physical effort. The mower's base is a wheeled trolley equipped with four support wheels that are (partly or wholly) connected to the engine by a drive system or roll freely. Self-propelled types of lawnmowers are beneficial for large lawn areas, parks, and squares. However, breakdowns may occur because of the clogged grass tank, issues with moving structure, and the fuel supply.

Servicing £90 + parts + VAT

Ride on Mowers, Lawn tractors and Garden Tractors

These are professional garden machines suitable for working in large areas. The equipment has a particular location of the cutting structure — between the front and rear wheels for tractors and the front for ride-on mowers. Other types of devices also can be connected to this garden machinery. Thus, ride-on mowers and lawn and garden tractors come as universal tools with an extensive scope. Lawn care is just a part of all their possibilities. Since garden tractors and ride-on mowers are sophisticated devices, the range of their damage causes is broad. Therefore, we recommend you to contact specialists at Antson Engines lawn mower repair London to fix malfunctions quickly and efficiently.

Servicing from £200 + parts + VAT

Lawn Mower Equipment Repairs

We professionally provide the maintenance and repair of all the parts of the garden machinery for a wide variety of makes and models. If lawn mower repair service is possible without specialised equipment, professionals will make it locally. You do not have to bring the equipment yourself, hire a courier or look for vehicles to transport the machine to a service centre to change the oil or install a new spark plug.

If the breakdown requires a particular intervention, the Antson Engines delivery service will save you from any transportation problems. We offer a collection and delivery service within London and the surrounding areas and carry out warranty repairs on machinery sold by Antson Engines Ltd. We carry a wide range of lawnmower equipment and other machinery spares such as chains, belts, spark plugs, blades, cords & much more.

Lawn Mower Equipment We Service and Repair


We carry out maintenance and local lawn mower repair of multiple equipment types, including:


  • Lawnmower,
  • Cylinder Mower,
  • Garden Tractor,
  • Lawn Tractor,
  • Ride-On Mower.


When you buy any lawn mower equipment from Antson Engines Ltd, the service doesn’t stop there. We have a servicing and repair centre with manufacturer-trained technicians to offer advice and carry out repairs and adjustments to any other machinery we sell.

Top Lawn Mower Repair Service by Antson Engines


  • Affordable prices. As an authorised dealer, Antson Engines offers some of the most competitive lawn mower repair cost and pricing plans for service cases.
  • Free consultation. By asking for help, you always receive a preliminary assessment of the work, inspection, and expert advice for free.
  • Long-term experience. It allows us to carry out lawn mower repair service professionally, following all the nuances and features of each type of equipment.
  • Convenient collaboration. Antson Engines provides repair and service for both domestic and professional equipment. Homeowners, professional gardeners, and local businesses are our regular clients!
  • Quick visit. We look forward to seeing you at our office in London. However, if you do not have free time, try our delivery service. We also offer a specialist visit for the diagnosis and the nearest lawn mower repair to a place that is convenient for you.
  • Professional team. Our team carries out approved warranty work as an authorised lawn mower dealer for many leading brands. We can identify any malfunction and professionally repair lawnmowers and any other equipment from different manufacturers.
  • Availability of spare parts. We stock only approved lawn mower parts and spares for repairs. You will be impressed with the quality of our garden equipment, which allows you to carry out the petrol lawn mower service in the shortest possible time!
  • High-quality services. It also includes all of our garden machinery repairs and servicing carried out to the manufacturer's guidance and specifications.

Common Brands Covered & More

Each lawn mower can break down and require high-quality maintenance, regardless of power characteristics, size, and manufacturer. Therefore, Antson Engines experts are ready to come to your aid to extend the life of your garden assistant. When conducting repairs and maintenance, we use materials recommended by the manufacturer's guidance!


Allet, Ariens, Atco, Billy Goat, Briggs & Stratton, Castelgarden, Cobra, Dolmar, Echo, Greenmech, Hayter, Honda, Kaaz, Makita, Masport, Mountfield, Mtd, Qualcast, Rover, Sanli, Snapper,  Stiga, Stihl, Tanaka, Vermeer, Viking, Weibang, Westwood, Zenoah And More.

Some Of The Areas Covered...


Brent Cross



















Iver Heath

Kensal Green



Mill Hill

Muswell Hill



Notting Hill


Park Royal



Sheperd’s Bush






Willesden Green

and much more...

Not found your location in the list above? Feel free to call our consultants. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

We are the fastest lawn mower repair service in London and the surrounding areas! Please, help us to reach you back ASAP by providing the following information to one of our consultants:

   the exact name of the manufacturer;

   lawn mower model or serial number;

   the engine number.

Engine data is essential to select the right original parts. Book us to service a petrol lawn mower right now and get a clean start to the mowing season!

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