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#1 Pressure Washer Repair Service in London

Reliability and continuous performance of professional equipment are essential operating conditions. Therefore, timely maintenance and repair are in demand to prevent unwanted damages and maximise efficiency. Antson Engines Ltd offers premium pressure washer repair services in London to maintain the high-performance of the cleaning equipment. Feel free to contact our team if you need service and repairs that will save your time, money, and effort. In case you want to buy pressure washer equipment and parts, get in touch with us for a free consultation now or visit our online shop!


Pressure Washers Repairs for Domestic & Business Needs


Pressure washers are compact professional equipment suitable for both industrial and domestic use. Although the machines have come into operation recently, their scope is extensive, covering the solution of every day and production tasks. However, the maintenance and pressure washer repair come as a set of measures that are necessary on an ongoing basis due to the use of hard cleaners and high loads.


In some cases, this equipment needs complex intervention to restore its performance on time. For more than a decade, Antson Engines provides top-quality services related to pressure washers repairs. We effectively eliminate the arisen malfunctions and prevent the occurrence of the same issues during further use. Besides, we not only provide service and repair of all possible types of pressure washers but also sell and supply parts from the most popular manufacturers. Whether it is a jet washer or a water pump, you will surely find it in our catalogue!


Best Pressure Washer Repair and Service UK


Antson Engines offers a fantastic pressure washing repair for regular maintenance and turnkey cases. Gain confidence in the equipment reliability and forget about the need to stop the work due to problems with the delivery of bulky instruments. We guarantee customers timely intervention & troubleshooting together with high-quality service, free delivery, and expert consultation.  


Besides, we have an impressive track record of meeting the needs of both domestic and business partners. So, if you are a window cleaning company, residential or commercial power washing service provider, local school, or sports facility, etc., don’t hesitate to contact us to get a high-quality local pressure washer repair! We provide top-notch service with all the necessary tools, spare parts, and consumables. You will also find optimal service packages tailored to your business needs.

Collection and Delivery

Cleaning Equipment Maintenance Services


Pressure washers are a sophisticated tech kit, so the causes of their malfunctions are often not visible. Self-intervention without specialised equipment and professional diagnostics can harm the mechanism. Thus, Karcher pressure washer repairs UK from highly-trained technicians come as the best solution to get the right results with minimal investment. Our highly trained technicians carry out cleaning machine maintenance either as a one-off or as part of an ongoing service contract.


Many factors affect equipment performance. The complex structure does not always make it possible to determine for sure whether the equipment needs to repair a pressure washer hose or to solve a problem with the valves. The most common types of damage are malfunctions due to:


  • Reduced pressure. In most cases, it occurs due to a damaged pump and its components — oil seals, plunger pair, bearings, and shafts.
  • Engine damage. In this case, the sink does not start or turns on, but water does not spray.
  • Damaged shut-off valve, hose, or nozzle.
  • Broken heating element (for washing with heated water).
  • Damaged control unit.
  • Defective pressure control knob.


In any case, we take care of your cleaning equipment, carry out comprehensive diagnostics, and offer the most advantageous solution for pressure washer repair. General servicing we provide for cleaning equipment and machinery includes a set of essential options.

Pressure Washers

It is versatile equipment used to clean various surfaces from plaque and dirt. The high water flow pressure allows you to cope even with hardened particles. Antson Engines provides the following types of mobile pressure washer repair so that mechanism continues to work correctly for a long time.

Servicing from £80 + parts + VAT

Water Pump

Portable diesel pumps are compact and mobile water pumping equipment. The scope is broad, allowing to use this equipment for various tasks, such as fire fighting, drainage of flooded basements and pits, providing water to construction or suburban areas, etc. Water pumps are professional equipment for production needs. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure a timely repair service for this equipment.

Servicing from £60 + parts + VAT


Generators boast reliability, high efficiency and performance, working in various conditions around the clock. The equipment is suitable for heating and water supply systems, condensates, as well as for industrial cleaning of multilayer pollution, including chemicals, paint, resins, oil, corrosive & marine growth. The damage to this expensive equipment affects work processes significantly. Antson Engines specialists are ready to come to the rescue at any time, professionally providing generator pressure washers repairs.

Servicing from £80 + parts + VAT

Expert Tips for Cleaning Equipment Service & Repairs 


Prevention and timely pressure washer repairs are the main conditions for a long lifespan of the equipment. Follow simple rules for the device safe operation specified in the guidance for the high-pressure washer, pump, or generator to last as long as possible:


  • Keep an adequate water level in the tank. Otherwise, the pump can break quickly.
  • Try not to bend the hose. Excess water levels and pressure differences can initiate mechanism damage.
  • Choose the suitable equipment. Consider the conditions and frequency of equipment usage. When carrying out pressure washer hose repair, you can consult with our specialists to replace the components with more suitable analogues.
  • Drain the water at the end of the work. It is essential for outdoor use at low temperatures.


The preventive measures taken will secure the workflow and extend the lifespan of your equipment. However, you can avoid all damage. Therefore, at the first sign of a problem, give us a call, and we’ll replace or repair improper parts if necessary. Take care of your industrial cleaning equipment regularly to let it work well for you!


Professional Pressure Washer Repair from Antson Engines


The pressure washer simplifies washing the car, cleaning the garage, and caring for the garden. Some models are even quite suitable for washing pipes, concrete mixers, and agricultural machinery. Therefore, a sudden mechanism breakdown can become a severe obstacle to regular work. At Antson Engines Ltd, we offer repairs for all parts of cleaning equipment and machinery for a wide variety of makes and models. Our team of experienced engineers provides a range of refurbishment and pressure washers repairs to breathe new life into your domestic or industrial cleaning equipment.

Cleaning Equipment We Service and Repair

We carry out pressure washer repairs of any cleaning equipment, including: 


  • Petrol and Diesel Jet Washers,
  • Petrol and Diesel Water Pumps,
  • Petrol and Diesel Generators,
  • Petrol and Diesel Pedestrian Sweepers.


When you choose any pressure washer repair services and parts from Antson Engines Ltd, you receive support from well-trained technicians. The model and type of your equipment don't matter as we efficiently deal with different issues!

Why Pressure Washers Repair from Antson Engines?



  • Safety in every detail. It is our priority to facilitate the process of pressure washers repair to the fullest. That is why we always take the time to learn about our customers’ needs. With Antson Engines, you can forget about the fear of hidden costs or undiscussed circumstances!
  • Second-to-none service. Our expertise results from many years of practical work. As our centre has been on the market for more than a decade, we have developed a set of techniques to perform top-class pressure washer repairs.
  • Accredited technicians/service engineers. At Antson Engines, we practice the client-centred approach. Our experienced technicians are ready to cater to all your needs within the shortest terms. We hire the best engineers to make your pressure washers work perfect again!
  • Absolute availability. It includes transparent pricing plans for pressure washer repair, prompt delivery, and assistance from qualified technicians.


We provide comprehensive maintenance and offer partial intervention (for example, pressure washer hose repair) and supply services on a contract basis. It is especially convenient for production facilities when specialists visit you at any time scheduled annually, monthly, or weekly. Antson Engines is also an official dealer of many popular suppliers of cleaning equipment. Thus, you can be sure that we select high-quality parts and carry out all the repairs following the manufacturer's recommendations.

Common Brands or Cleaning Equipment Covered

Each functional piece of equipment has a unique structure. That is why some service centres postpone Karcher pressure washer repairs London in anticipation of the delivery of parts. Nevertheless, with Antson Engines, you do not have to solve this problem as we guarantee the speed of service and the quality of work. We also ensure the constant availability of branded spare parts for cleaning equipment from:

Annovi Reverberi, Comet, Delta, Efco Evolution, Cobra, Honda, Interpump, Karcher, Lombardini, Robin, Subaru, Thor, Tsurumi V-Tuf, Yanmar And More.