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#1 Steam Cleaner Repair Service in London

For more than ten years, experienced technicians from Antson Engines successfully deal with a wide variety of cleaning equipment breakdowns. First-class steam cleaner repair is another duty of our service centre available for online booking. We carry out with all malfunctions of steam mops, handheld, cylinder, vapour cleaners, providing an extensive network of workshops throughout the UK, including London, Uxbridge, and surrounding areas. Feel free to contact Antson Engines consultants to get high-quality steam cleaner repair service and regular maintenance for one-off intervention or cooperation on a contract basis.

Steam Cleaner Repair Service and Maintenance


Steam cleaners are great helpers for any homeowner, allowing to get rid of any contamination efficiently and disinfect the surface cleaned.  Models available on the modern market have increased wear resistance to mechanical damage. However, like any equipment, steam-cleaning machines are subject to wear and tear and need regular maintenance to extend their lifespan. 


Long-term experience and high qualifications of Antson Engines specialists allow supplying steam cleaner repairs of any equipment, regardless of its model and year of manufacture. Clatronic, Philips, Ariete, Thomas, Karcher are a shortlist of the brands we deal with, and you can find even more in the covered brands section. Antson Engines also offers original steam cleaner spares and repair according to the manufacturer's guidance. So don't worry about any equipment malfunction. We are ready to troubleshoot any issue and help you save on buying a new cleaning machine.

Get in Touch with Steam Cleaner Repair Shop


When you notice at least one of the following abnormalities in the machine operation, we strongly recommend you to get in touch with an experienced steam cleaner repairs specialist immediately.


  • The water heats up slowly or does not turn into steam.
  • The machine does not let off steam, or the pressure is too low.
  • Water is supplied instead of steam.
  • The equipment releases steam not only from a specialised nozzle.
  • The machine's body is hot or humid.
  • Nozzles are damaged or do not fit the hose thoroughly.
  • There is abnormal noise or vibration. 


All troubles often happen due to the wear and tear of spares, so we can quickly bring the cleaning machine to the top condition with the timely intervention of the steam cleaner repair service. Antson Engines will clean water-contact parts and replace the safety valve & consumables, delivering refurbished equipment to you within a few days.

Collection and Delivery

Professional Steam Cleaner Repairs and Maintenance


Unlike regular maintenance procedures, steam cleaner repair is a comprehensive set of measures to restore the device's performance, including correcting malfunctions and defects. Both household and professional cleaning machines have an advanced structure that complicates intervention locally and requires specific equipment. That is why steam cleaner repair service is in high demand and needs experience and skilful specialists. 


Collaborating with Antson Engines, you can not only be confident in the safety of your steam cleaner, but also in receiving high-quality service at affordable rates. We are official dealers of many modern manufacturers. Therefore, we provide original steam cleaner spares or repair using the most suitable analogues.

Handheld Cleaners


Handheld steam cleaners are the most affordable and convenient cleaning equipment suitable for everyday tasks. The machine handles various types of dirt in hard-to-reach places, car interiors, and furniture. However, devices do not cope with large areas and professional cleaning, so increased loads contribute to the rapid mechanism breakdown.

Mops Steam Cleaners

Capable equipment for cleaning and disinfection is suitable for bared floors of large areas and industrial premises. The cleaning machine is environmentally friendly, killing bacteria, germs, and parasites without chemicals used, and is suitable for daily operation. Breakdowns of mops steam cleaners often relate to damaged accessories and steam generator due to the heavy loads that the equipment endures regularly.

Cylinder & Vapour Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners with canister are professional equipment with a broad scope. The cleaning machine is indispensable for companies providing dry cleaning services. A large variety of supplemental tools, accessories, and attachments make it versatile equipment that can use water or generate dry steam. The abundance of cylinder & vapour cleaners’ possibilities requires regular maintenance and timely repair of the steam cleaner. Antson Engines will resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, allowing owners to get back to work without significant investments.

How to Fix a Steam Cleaner?


We do not recommend carrying out steam cleaner repair by hand, as incompetent intervention can damage the mechanism. It is primarily related to disassembling the steam generator and valves needing adjustment using functional tools. It is better to trust qualified specialists who will perform a steam cleaner repair service per the manufacturer's instructions. If you want to prolong the cleaning equipment lifespan, do not forget about the essential operation rules.  


  • Use distilled or filtered water to prevent limescale.
  • Provide the machine with proper storage conditions to avoid the deformation of components and accessories.
  • Avoid overheating the steam cleaner by taking breaks in the long-term operation of the device.
  • Disassemble the device exclusively following user guidance, trying not to put pressure on fragile parts.  


In any case, Antson Engines will help you with any equipment problem. Moreover, regular maintenance keeps cleaners productive for a long time.


Best Steam Cleaner Repair Service in the UK

We carry out steam cleaner repair service & maintenance for different cleaning equipment, including:


  • Handheld Steam Cleaners
  • Steam Cleaner Mops
  • Cylinder and Vapour Steam Cleaners


When you choose steam cleaner repair and spare parts from Antson Engines Ltd, you are guaranteed to receive timely support from well-trained engineers. Equipment type you have is no matter for our technicians because we can deal with any complexity task!

Top Reasons to Choose Antson Engines


  • Fastest steam cleaner repair service. Booking Antson Engines services, you can be sure that your equipment will have the top performance within a few days!
  • Warranty on all repair types. We provide our clients with a guarantee for repairs and offer consultations regarding the further operation of cleaning equipment.
  • Fixed pricing. Antson Engines provides some of the most affordable prices for steam cleaner repair and service in the UK. We also offer transparent pricing and timing after diagnosis initially.
  • Accredited specialists. At Antson Engines, you will meet exceptionally experienced technicians and service engineers capable of handling any challenge.
  • Prompt delivery. Feel free to request equipment delivery from Antson Engines offers a free equipment delivery. Thus, you do not need to worry about carrying bulky equipment.
  • Affordable rates. We perform both a one-time steam cleaner repair and regular maintenance, which is especially convenient for local business clients.

Common Steam Cleaners Brands Covered


Antson Engines Ltd offers a wide range of steam cleaner spares or repair accessories for different steam cleaners from most well-known manufacturers. Contact our specialists to get more information and useful recommendations for suitable components' selection. We also provide fast delivery across the UK and advice on scheduled repairs and maintenance of cleaning equipment.


Ariete, Bissel, Clatronic, Dupray, HILTON, Hoover, Karcher, Philips, Russel, Shark, Sienna, Steamfast, Thomas, Vaparmore, and others.