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#1 Vacuum Sweeper Repair Service in London

The professional cleaning equipment used to clean large household and commercial areas is an indispensable tool for the cleaning business and industry. Therefore, the sudden failure of an expensive vacuum sweeper machine can affect multiple workflows dramatically. If it happens, get in touch with Antson Engines at your earliest convenience! We perform a full range of vacuum sweeper repair and maintenance services for equipment of various models and manufacturers. Our workshops network covers the entire UK, guaranteeing you timely intervention and significant savings in remanufacturing cleaning machinery.


Vacuum Sweeper Repair & Maintenance Services


A professional floor vacuum sweeper is essential for the deep cleaning of large and medium-sized premises. This equipment is characterised by features for operation in severe conditions and under high load, removing various liquid and dry contaminants. Thus, it regularly leads to the breakdown of sophisticated mechanisms in the absence of timely maintenance. The most common causes of vacuum sweeper machine breakdowns are:


  • Valves wear;
  • Engine overload;
  • Carburettor malfunction;
  • Damage to the power cable;
  • Untimely cleaning of dust collectors;
  • The need to replace filters.


Antson Engines service centre carries out professional diagnostics and all types of vacuum sweeper repairs. Our technicians perform a range of maintenance procedures from replacing vacuum sweeper parts to complex intervention in the mechanism. The engineers' long-term experience allows us to fix any breakdown so that your cleaning equipment will perform correctly for a long time.

Collection and Delivery

Repair Services for Vacuum Sweeper Machines of All Types


Floor vacuum sweeper machines come as the most common type of cleaning equipment, suitable for household needs and cleaning office premises, cafés, restaurants, etc. This equipment has several specialised filters to deal not only with small particles of dirt and dust but also with liquids. Moreover, the industrial vacuum sweeper can handle a variety of accessories to connect it to other professional equipment in the workshop.


In turn, the complexity of the mechanism challenges the search for malfunctions and requires a specific approach to vacuum sweeper repair in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Therefore, seeking help from Antson Engines experts is the best solution for every owner of professional equipment. We provide a wide range of repair and maintenance services for the industrial vacuum sweeper:


  • Comprehensive equipment diagnostics;
  • Strip down and steam clean machine;
  • Grind and reset valves;
  • De-carbonise engine;
  • Ultrasonic clean carburettor;
  • Service recoil mechanism;
  • Check and lubricate all cables levers, linkages and chains;
  • Check over the gearbox and drive system;
  • Check over and clean all ignition units;
  • Check over and clean all filters;
  • Check and oil all-wheel and roller bearings;
  • Check function of all controls.

Ride-On & Industrial Sweeper Vacuums

This cleaning equipment is perfect for the industries of logistics, construction, steel processing, and more. The ride-on and industrial-grade vacuum sweepers are efficient machines that easily handle the cleaning of large areas with high volumes of dirt, debris, and dust, ensuring top performance regardless of the usage conditions. This equipment needs to be serviced regularly to provide smooth operation at the optimal level. Otherwise, even a minor breakdown will interfere with a regular floor cleaning workflow. If you feel your machine doesn't bring the performance level it should, you can always turn to Anston Engines for a top-notch vacuum sweeper repair. Our qualified specialists will restore your sweeper to the top condition in a few days!

Sidewalk Vacuum Sweepers

This professional cleaning equipment is indispensable for cleaning large areas of industrial and commercial premises, roads, parks, and open-space areas. A sidewalk vacuum sweeper is a large-size machine that can handle various tasks, including industrial waste, chemical & liquid contamination. The breakdowns that occur with these cleaning machines are not always obvious, and the equipment needs regular maintenance to prevent possible problems. The difficulty of floor vacuum sweeper repair relates to the machinery transportation challenges and the need for intervention with specific tools in the workshops. Antson Engines offers technicians visits and comfortable equipment movement to provide high-quality service.

First-Class Service and Available Vacuum Sweeper Parts


We also offer vacuum sweeper machine owners to visit Antson Engines' workshops to purchase original spare parts for various cleaning equipment. You will find not only the best services for major and minor repairs of household and professional machinery but also a wide selection of accessories and consumables for maintenance. We are official dealers of many manufacturers that cover British cleaning companies' needs, ensuring the constant availability of the necessary vacuum sweeper parts and the most suitable analogues.


Besides, convenient delivery ways and an abundance of workshops throughout the UK are other advantages of choosing Antson Engines for vacuum sweeper repairs. We understand how vital professional equipment is for business, so we make sure that the timing for its restoration is the most suitable for you.

Best Vacuum Sweeper Repair and Maintenance in the UK

We carry out vacuum sweeper repair and service for professional cleaning machines of any type, including:


  • Stick and Sweeper Vacuums
  • Industrial Vacuum Sweeper
  • Sidewalk Vacuum Sweepers


Our well-trained specialists guarantee high-quality vacuum sweeper machine service, regardless of the complexity of the breakdown, equipment size, model, and year of production. When you choose services and parts from Antson Engines Ltd, you receive comprehensive support from experts ready to tackle complex tasks!

Why Vacuum Sweeper Repair from Antson Engines?



  • Experienced specialists. For more than ten years, Antson Engines engineers have continually delivered vacuum sweeper repairs, improving their cleaning equipment maintenance skills. You can be sure of the intervention quality performed by entrusting your machine to us.
  • Transparent pricing. Our service cost is one of the most affordable in the UK market. Antson Engines transparently provides complete vacuum sweeper repair with subsequent operating recommendations.
  • Convenient delivery ways. You do not need to think about transporting large equipment. We provide various collection and delivery options and can fix your machine at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Beneficial conditions for cooperation. We offer a range of services for the maintenance of cleaning equipment and perform both one-time intervention and regular vacuum sweeper repair on a contract basis.

Common Vacuum Sweeper Brands Covered & More

Antson Engines carries out all types of repair for sidewalk vacuum sweepers, industrial vacuum sweepers, and domestic sticks, regardless of equipment model, size, power type, etc. Moreover, we offer a wide range of manufacturer's spare parts with prompt delivery throughout the UK. When contacting our engineers, you can be sure that we will cope successfully with any breakdown of the vacuum cleaner from:

AEG, Airforce, Ariston, Baumatic, Beko, Belling, Bosh, Candy, Dyson, DeWalt, Electrolux, Hitachi, Hotpoint, Indesit, LG, Makita, Neff, Rangemaster, Samsung, Siemens, Zanussi, and much more.